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Winter Reading Book Review Video: City of Thieves

City of Thieves

David Benioff's novel City of Thieves looks at the epic Siege of Leningrad through the eyes of a sarcastic teenager named Lev tasked with finding a dozen eggs. As Plaza librarian Wes Hinman explains, it won't be easy. But it will be funny.

Book Reviews

The Big Burn by Timothy Egan

The Big Burn

Major events can change the nation. Think the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks or the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But as Timothy Egan shows in The Big Burn, less dramatic incidents can make a huge impact on American history, too.

Civil War

Discover the Civil War: The Watkins Community Museum of History

The Watkins Community Museum

Follow us into the archives as we visit regional libraries, historical societies, and other cultural institutions and work to digitize thousands of their Civil War-era primary sources for the Missouri-Kansas Conflict project. Learn more about our collective past as we uncover the stories of those who experienced it firsthand.

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Library Interview: Amity Shlaes on Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge

Politicians seem to love the sound of their own voices. Calvin Coolidge, who became President after the sudden death of Warren Harding in 1923, didn’t have that problem. He made silence a hugely effective tool.

Featured Authors

Library Interview: Rebecca Solnit's Infinite City

Rebecca Solnit

Rebecca Solnit’s interests are all over the map: art, landscape, public and collective life, ecology, politics, hope. But Solnit’s Infinite City is more than all over the map. It’s literally filled with maps of her native San Francisco.