Strong Towns: The Profits, and Losses, of Growth
Plaza Branch  |  Tuesday, January 30  |  6:30 p.m.
Chuck Marohn, founder of the nonprofit Strong Towns, launches the new Making a Great City series with a critical look at how we build our cities and towns – in Kansas City and elsewhere. 

Staff Share Memorable 2017 Library Moments
Memories are made at the Library each day. Our staff reminisced about some of the stories and anecdotes from the past year that they felt stood out as unique and special. 

KC History: The Annexation That Wasn't
On January 21, 1879, the Kansas Senate passed a resolution that approved the annexation of Kansas City, Missouri. The Missouri legislature refused to adopt a corresponding resolution, however, and this attempt to incorporate Kansas City into Kansas went nowhere. Interestingly, it was just one of several attempts in the nineteenth century to annex Kansas City to Kansas.

Tax Help at the Library
Need assistance preparing your taxes? The Library offers free access to forms, one-on-one assistance sessions, and more.