2016 Summer Reading

Get Ready ... Get Set ... READ!
Kids & teens should bike, run, or swim into any Kansas City Public Library location to join the 2016 Summer Reading Program. Earn points for reading and completing activities! Attend exciting Library events featuring Korso the Curious, Paul Mesner Puppets, the Kansas City Zoo, Mad Science, Mr. Kneel and MORE!

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This Week in KC History
Hotel Horror Hyatt  Regency Hotel

July 17, 1981: One hundred fourteen people die as two skywalks collapse at the Hyatt Regency Hotel during a tea dance.

KC Unbound Blog
Roman Satire: the Satires of Q. Horatius Flaccus and the Satires of D. Junius Juvenalis

The Romans sometimes get grief for “copying” everything from other cultures. The Romans were masters at taking what worked from different cultures they encountered, adopting it, and adapting it to Roman use.


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