Building a Community of Readers

Building a Community of Readers

The Building a Community of Readers initiative strives to heighten appreciation for the value of reading, cultivate a community-wide love of reading, and accordingly position Kansas City to reap the social and economic benefits of being one of the most literate cities in America.


Why does reading matter to a community?

In 2007 the National Endowment for the Arts published a study of book, magazine and online reading. Among the key findings:

  • Americans are reading less.
  • Americans are reading less well.
  • The declines in reading have civic, social and economic implications.


What does the Library mean to local students? These student-produced videos tell us:

4th grade Enrichment Students at Crossroads Academy Kansas City researched, wrote, directed and produced the story of the Kansas City Public Library:

6th grade students at Gladstone Elementary in Kansas City selected Crosby Kemper III for their annual Hero Project and praise the Kansas City Public Library:


How can we expect Kansas City to benefit as a Community of Readers?

  • More knowledgeable citizens.
  • Children better prepared for school success.
  • More college graduates.
  • More small business start-ups.
  • Wider involvement in civic issues.
  • Higher lifetime earnings.
  • Heightened support for the arts.


How can YOU help make a difference?

  • Read every day to a young child in your life.
  • Encourage teenagers to visit the Library and read.
  • Join the Library‚Äôs programs that support reading among adults.


The Library offers programs throughout the year designed to celebrate Kansas City as a community of readers.

To donate your financial support to Building a Community of Readers, go to our Giving page.