Can Anyone Stop Her? - Carl Cannon

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Time magazine editor-at-large David Von Drehle and RealClearPolitics’ Carl Cannon discuss Hillary Clinton’s likely Democatic nomination for president in 2016 – and her prospects of winning the general election in November.
Dateline: Washington
Wednesday, April 9, 2014
6:30pm @ Central Library

Remember Barack Obama’s subtle 2008 putdown of Hillary Clinton, when he called her “likable enough?” Maybe the joke is on him.

Not since Ronald Reagan remade the Republican Party in his own image in 1980 has a presidential nomination seemed as inevitable as it does for 2016. The Democratic Party appears settled on Clinton. Her likability rating has climbed in four years, and Democrats are more united than Republicans were in 1980 (or are today). The GOP, meanwhile, lacks a true frontrunner.

Time magazine editor-at-large David Von Drehle and RealClearPolitics’ Washington bureau chief, Carl Cannon, examine the race and likelihood that the U.S. will elect its first female president.

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