Walter Broadnax - Leadership Challenges for the Presidency: A World of Opportunities and Hazards

Dr. Walter Broadnax, distinguished professor of public adminstration at Syracuse University, examines presidential leadership, the current state of executive power in the U.S., and the lingering effects the current financial crisis will have on future presidents.
Wednesday, April 4, 2012
6:30 pm
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What, exactly, is presidential leadership? What is the current state of executive power in the U.S.? What lingering effects will the current financial crisis have on future presidents? Professor Walter Broadnax addresses those questions in the annual Park University Hauptmann Lecture on international politics, public administration, and democracy.

Broadnax is the distinguished professor of public administration at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.

Co-sponsored by Park University, the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration, and the Mid-America Regional Council.