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Roman Satire: the Satires of Q. Horatius Flaccus and the Satires of D. Junius Juvenalis

The Romans sometimes get grief for “copying” everything from other cultures. The Romans were masters at taking what worked from different cultures they encountered, adopting it, and adapting it to Roman use.

Docents’ Tales, and a Farewell to the First Folio

Although each state gets its turn with a Folio, one thing that will not be found outside Kansas City are the University of Missouri-Kansas City-trained docents that have accompanied the book during its stay here.

Shakespeare’s First Folio: Did You Know …?

Not only does the Folio contain an impressive number of plays, it also has amassed quite a collection of interesting facts regarding its production, history, and existence.

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Shakespeare’s First Folio: "Such Stuff as Dreams are Made on"

Thousands of visitors have made their way to the Kansas City Public Library to revel in a rare copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio, which is on display in the downtown Central Library through June 28.

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Shakespeare Scholar Eric Rasmussen Sets the Stage for First Folio Exhibit

Scholar Eric Rasmussen set the stage for the special, 23-day First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare exhibit on Tuesday, June 7.

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