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Adult Summer Reading 2017: PUSH YOUR SHELF

For the first time, the Library's adult and youth seasonal reading programs are joining together for one great Summer Reading Program. While the youth of Kansas City aim to Build a Better World, we encourage adults to do the same and Push Your Shelf. Read a book outside your comfort zone, explore new reading formats, and go beyond the books by finding ways to challenge yourself and take part in activities that enrich yourself or our community.

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Book Reviews

The greatest challenge about reviewing Jerusalem by Alan Moore is summarizing what it's about. This isn't a traditional novel and it doesn't deliver a normal story. The plot is meandering, almost vestigial in some sections. Setting is paramount—language, tone, atmosphere, characters: all of these matter far more than mere plot.

I've come to think of this book as being akin to the Bayeux Tapestry—a sprawling and artistically audacious account of a place and its people. It's a love letter to a neighborhood as only Moore can write it.

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Readers Scene

The Library’s yearly Adult Winter Reading Program merges with our youth-focused Summer Reading Program later in 2017 for one great reading challenge for all ages. But because the Library knows that our patrons look forward to participating in Winter Reading, we still wanted to offer a fun, bookish activity to get our passionate readers through the cold winter months. Introducing... BOOK BINGO!

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