Joan Davis in "Kansas City Kitty"

Joan Davis in "Kansas City Kitty"
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Missouri Valley Room
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Movie poster of Columbia Picture's 1944 film “Kansas City Kitty”
 - Glass
14 1/4 inches
1 inch
19 1/4 inches

Promotional poster of Columbia’s 1944 film "Kansas City Kitty". The plot of this film centers around Polly Jasper, portrayed by Joan Davis, as a charming wisecracking piano teacher, that gets involved with some shady music publishers, Latham & Clark. The publishers sell their business to Polly and her friend Eileen Hasbrook, portrayed by Jane Frazee, one hour before the company is sued for the legitimacy of the song “Kansas City Kitty”. Polly happens to be obsessed with her music loving dentist Dr. Henry Talbot, portrayed by Erik Rolph, who is not quite as romantically inclined. Polly manages to embroil her roommate Eileen, Eileen's fiancé Jimmy, portrayed by Bob Crosby, and Henry in some high jinks involving the rights to the song "Kansas City Kitty". The predominant feature, in this full color illustration, depicts Joan Davis's smiling countenance as she is pointing upward. Jane Frazee and Bob Crosby are featured lower right, above the depiction of the William Brothers. Music scores accentuate the upper left of the poster and lower right. The background of the poster is awash in a yellow hue. The following promotional text appears on the poster: RADIO AND SCREEN'S FAVORITE FUNSTAR!, Joan DAVIS in COLUMBIA'S KANSAS CITY KITTY with BOB CROSBY- JANE FRAZEE-ERIK ROLF and THE WILLIAMS BROTHERS. The Columbia Pictures trademark logo is illustrated in the lower right. The text featured is in a combination of red and black.

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