Interlibrary Loan for Individuals

Interlibrary Loan service is temporarily suspended until further notice, and we are not accepting new requests at this time.

We are working to get interlibrary loans that were in process as of March 16 to our patrons, via the Pop In / Pick Up holds service

Patrons may return interlibrary loan items at any branch book drop.

If you have any questions about your interlibrary loan, contact us by email or at 816-701-3463.

Effective immediately, Interlibrary Loan customer service hours are temporarily changing to Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. until further notice.

On January 2, 2020, the Interlibrary Loan department migrated to a new software called Tipasa.

Current ILL customers will notice some changes:

  • All current User Names have been changed to your 13-digit library card number, which must be used to sign into your account.
  • Patrons may be promted to change their passwords to fit the requirements of the new software.
  • The login, request forms, and customer account management pages look different, but have the same functionality with an intuitive user interface.

Questions about Interlibrary Loan? Contact us at 816.701-3463 or by email.

Making Requests

Contact Us

Kansas City Public Library
14 West 10th Street
Kansas City, MO 64105
Email | Phone: 816.701.3463
Mon - Fri:8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Sat - Sun: Closed

Interlibrary Loan is the borrowing and lending of materials between libraries. It provides access to materials held at libraries outside of the KCPL system. Anyone with a traditional Kansas City Public Library card in good standing may request Interlibrary Loan (or ILL) items from other libraries. eCards and Educator cards are not valid for borrowing ILL items.

Before you submit your request, please verify that we do not already provide access to the material by checking the following sites:

  • Library Catalog - for all desired formats including eBooks and Digital Audiobooks from OverDrive and Axis 360
  • Hoopla - for streaming digital Audiobooks, Music, Movies, TV, Comics, and eBooks
  • Freegal - for streaming digital Music and Audiobooks

If you don't find the item that you need, locate the record in WorldCat and click "Borrow this item" on the item record to begin your transaction. You will be redirected to the tipasa software to complete the transaction.

If you can't locate the item in WorldCat, make a request via Tipasa by giving the title, author, and as much bibliographic/citation information as possible.


Practices & Guidelines

The conditions of this service are set by the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, Copyright Law of the United States, CONTU Guidelines, and by the regulations of individual libraries. Requests for copies must comply with Section 108 of the U.S. Copyright Law.


Eligible Materials

  • Items not owned by the Kansas City Public Library and its consortium members
  • Books
  • CDs, both musical and spoken word
  • Copies of newspaper or periodical articles that the library does not own or have in its databases
  • Census records and newspapers on microfilm. Note, all microfiche and microfilm must be viewed and copied at the Central Library

Not Eligible

  • Items owned by Kansas City Public Library and its consortium members
  • DVDs
  • Reference and genealogy material
  • Items published within the current year
  • Items older than 100 years
  • eBooks
  • Computer files
  • Textbooks or classroom related items
  • Materials needed in less than two weeks


Limits & Fees

Due to the high volume of requests we receive, customers are limited to 5 active requests at once. An active request is one that has not been returned to and received by the lending library.

While it is our policy not to charge our customers for ILL items, some libraries do charge to lend their materials. If this happens, you will be notified in advance of us ordering the material. Fees can range from as little as $5.00 dollars on up.



  • ILL items usually arrive at the KC Public Library within 2-5 weeks of the initial request. Note: We do not process rush requests, nor can we guarantee how long it will take to receive an item.
  • Upon arrival, ILL staff will place the item on hold for you and send it to your preferred pickup location. If your item is a Copy Request, it will typically be sent electronically, unless you have indicated that you prefer them to be mailed.
  • You will receive a notice that your item is available for pickup at your preferred branch. You will need to visit the circulation desk to pick up your item, as ILL items are not kept on the regular Holds shelves. Note: If a library requires an item to be 'Library Use Only,' then it cannot be removed from the library.
  • ILL items have a large, green sticker label on the front of the item, which includes the ILL Due Date, the checkout information needed by staff members, and the ILL department contact info.


  • Interlibrary loan materials may also include paperwork provided by the lending library, which may be tucked-in or paper-clipped in the item.

    **DO NOT REMOVE ANY PAPERWORK** from interlibrary loan materials.

  • Due dates are determined by the lending library and may vary from 1-3 weeks. The correct due date for your interlibrary loan item will be displayed on the green interlibrary loan label on the front of your item. If not returned by the due date, the lending library may charge a replacement fee plus a processing fee. This could range from $20-$500.
    • ILL items may be subject to recall at any time by the lending library. If you receive a recall notice for an interlibrary loan item, please return it to your nearest branch immediately. We will try to locate another copy for you.
    • If you wish to renew your item, please use your ILL account online, call 816.701.3463, or email to ask for a renewal. Items may be renewed only once, and overdue items may not be renewed.
    • To return your ILL item, simply bring it back to any of the Kansas City Public Library branches.


Customer Account Management

Our ILL system, Tipasa, allows you 24-hour access to your ILL account. If you have a current library card, you may submit and manage your ILL requests online by logging in here:

Registered User? Login Here


Lost or Damaged ILL Items

If you lose or damage an ILL item, the replacement fee will be determined by the lending library and could be upwards of $150. ILL staff handle lost and damaged items and will work with lending libraries to determine the replacement fee.



Why do I need to have an ILL account?
The ILL software helps us process your requests and items in a quick and efficient manner. It also lets you view the status of your request and make renewal requests at any time.

How long will it take for my request to arrive?
Items are usually received and processed within 2-5 weeks. However, the time may vary depending on the availability of the item, the location of the library willing to lend the item, and the way the item is shipped. Tipasa allows you 24 hour access to your ILL account.

How will I be notified when my item is ready to be picked up?
You will be notified automatically by the method you indicated when filling out your library card application.

Where do I pick up my item?
ILL items must be picked up at the main information desk at the pick-up location you specify. They are not available on the regular Holds shelf.

Is there a charge for Interlibrary Loan?
While it is our policy not to charge our customers for interlibrary loans, some libraries do charge to lend their materials. If this happens, you will be notified in advance of us ordering the material.

How many requests can I submit at once?
Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we now limit customers to 5 active requests at once. An active request is one that has not been returned to and received by the lending library.

How long can I keep an item borrowed through interlibrary loan?
The lending library sets the due date. Some give three weeks, while others may only allow two weeks.

Can I renew ILL items?
The lending library determines if they will allow renewals. We will request renewals for you. Please use your ILL account or call 701-3463 to ask for a renewal. Items may be renewed only once and overdue items may not be renewed.

What happens when the date on the green band doesn’t match the date the circulation staff gives me?
Some times circulation staff may miss the date located on the green band, if this happens, please use the date on the green band and call the ILL department for a correction.

Why do I have to leave that green band on the books?
The green band has all the information needed for staff to identify the item and to correctly check the item in and out for you. This is why it is important that you do not remove the green band. It also provides you with the correct due date.

How long may I keep the material?
Each lending library has its own loan period and renewal policy. Loan periods may range from 1-3 weeks. We must abide by the loan period and any restrictions the loaning library places on the item. Any item borrowed through interlibrary loan is subject to recall by the lending library.

What if I keep the item overdue or lose it?
Interlibrary loan depends upon the good will of other libraries. Failure to return the item on time jeopardizes our future borrowing privileges. Lending libraries charge replacement charges plus a processing fee. Replacement charges range from $20 to over $500 if the item is not currently in print.

Where do I return the material?
ILL materials may be returned in the standard book return at any Kansas City Public Library location.

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