Borrowing Materials

Borrowing Policies

Item Type Loan Period Checkout Limit Renewal
Books, Audiobooks, Large Print Books 21 days Up to 75 3 times
Print New & Notable Collections 14 days Up to 75 No renewals
Digital New & Notable Collection 14 Days 5 No renewals
DVDs 7 days 10 No renewals
Music CDs 21 days 30 3 times
Magazines 21 days Up to 75 3 times
Graphic Novels 21 days Up to 75 3 times
(ebooks, digital audiobooks)
21 days 20 items Unlimited
hoopla digital: ebooks, digital audiobooks, ecomics 21 days 9 items per month Unlimited
hoopla digital: movies & TV 3 days 9 items per month Unlimited
hoopla digital: music 7 days 9 items per month Unlimited
Kanopy Streaming 3 days 12 items per month Unlimited

Renewing Materials

Items may be renewed online via your account, in-person at your local Branch, or over the phone by calling your local branch library.

Kansas City Public Library materials may be renewed up to three (3) times except when there are other customer requests for the material or when the material is owned by another library system.

* DVD checkouts and New & Notable items may not be renewed.

Hold Requests

Holds Instructions

Holds During COVID-19

Cardholders can place holds in the Library Catalog or by contacting library staff.

You'll be notified by email when the item is ready to pick up. The pick up date also displays in your catalog account for all available holds. Telephone and postal mail notifications are not available. You have 10 days to pick up an item once it becomes available.

Holds are placed on a dedicated shelf at each location. Each item is marked with your initials and the last four (4) digits of your library card number. Held items are alphabetized according to the first letter on the sticker.

If you need to change the pickup location, call us at 816.701.3449 and we can change the location for you. If your hold is available but you no longer need it, please call us to cancel the hold.

* Note: holds cannot be placed on New & Notable items.

Overdues & Fines

As of July 1, 2019, the Kansas City Public Library no longer charges late fines on overdue materials.

Lost Materials

  • At 14 days, overdue materials are assumed lost and the replacement cost is billed to your account. If the assumed lost materials are returned, the replacement cost will be removed from the account.
  • At 42 Days, accounts with assumed lost materials and $50.00 or more in fees are sent to a collections agency in an attempt to recover lost materials. A $10.00 collection agency fee will be placed on the account.
  • If assumed lost materials sent to collections are returned, the replacement cost will be removed from the account, but the $10.00 collections agency fee will remain. The account will remain blocked until the fees balance is zero.