KCATA Dimetown
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Missouri Valley Room
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Promotional poster from the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, for the program 'DIMETOWN'.
33 1/4 inches
1 1/4 inches
43 1/4 inches

Promotional poster for Kansas City Area Transportation Authority marketing 'DIMETOWN', a ten cent ride program to various parts of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The enlarged poster is patriotically colored, the lettering is mostly blue, with the exception of DIMETOWN which is blue bordered containing a red and white interior, and a white background. A three dimensional map of downtown is illustrated in blue, located on the right mid-section, depicting iconic landmarks such as: Admiral Blvd, ASB Bridge, Broadway Bridge, Crown Center, Hospital Hill, The Missouri River, River Quay, Southwest TRFWY, and Troost Ave. An illustrated Sun and Heart are also details of this landscape. In the lower right corner an illustration of a Metro bus and boarding passengers is depicted. The following text is displayed "Announcing... DIMETOWN 10¢ FARE ZONE Welcome to Dimetown, K.C., the Metro's big new 10¢ fare zone that saves you money on any bus in the downtown area.", "19 Metro routes serve Dimetown.", "Take advantage of this special low fare when you travel to major destinations on any on the 19 Metro routes which operate within the Dimetown zone:", "• Crown Center to the Heart of Dimetown. Routes 5, 27, 28, 31, 40, 54 and 56. • Crosstown lines between Southwest Trafficway and Troost. Routes 12 and 22. • Hospital Hill. Route 27. •The Heart of Dimetown to 6th and Broadway and return. Routes 1 and 6. •River Quay. Routes 27 and 34. •The Civic Center area to the Grand Walnut Corridor. Routes 9, 24, 25, 34 and 71. •Admiral Boulevard to the Heart of Dimetown. Routes 24, 33, 36 and 38. •The Heart of Dimetown to Municipal Auditorium and Bartle Hall. Route 47.", "For shopping, lunches, meetings...get around downtown for just 10¢ in the Metro's new Dimetown fare zone.", "Forget downtown parking. Traffic jam. Expired meters, Stop-and-go driving. Instead, hop a Metro bus for just 10¢ anywhere in Dimetown, KC. Dimetown is the Metro's new 10¢ fare zone that is bordered by the Missouri River between the Broadway Bridge and ASB Bridge, Admiral Blvd., Troost Ave., 25th St. and the Southwest Trfwy. Even if you drive to work, you save time and money on the Metro when traveling within this area. You can take any Metro bus in the zone, any time, for just a dime. Dimetown replaces Dime-A-Time service. Use this newest idea from the Metro wherever and whenever you're on the go downtown. For route schedule call METRO INFORMATION 221-0660.", "How to pay your fare. When using Metro buses within Dimetown, here's how to pay your fare: On trips towards the Heart of Dimetown, pay 10¢ as you board the bus. On trips away from the Heart of Dimetown, pay 10¢ as you board the bus. On trips away from the Heart of Dimetown, pay 10¢ as you get off bus.". "Looking for the fare-box signs on all buses traveling into, through and out of the Dimetown ozne for easy-to-read-instructions.", "C'MON,SAVE AS YOU GO...", "The smart money's on The Metro", "Kansas City Area Transportation Authority". The illustration and text are enclosed by a black rectangular border.

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