Steinway piano, closed
Steinway piano, open
Steinway Piano, detail
Steinway Piano, detail
Steinway Piano, detail
Steinway Piano, detail
Steinway Piano, detail
Steinway Piano, detail
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Helzberg Auditorium
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This is a model L baby grand piano built by Steinway in 2001.
70.5 inches
58 inches
40 inches

The Steinway & Sons Model L is among the larger sized Steinway ‘baby grands’. The Steinway Model L scale design is based very closely on its predecessor the Model O. The Model L with its square tail, was designed to replace the same-size Model O which featured a rounded tail. The cast iron plate and soundboard conform to the square tail providing additional soundboard space at the rear of the instrument when compared to its predecessor. The Steinway Model L was manufactured from 1924 until 2005. In 2005 the Model L was discontinued by Steinway & Sons and replaced with the piano it had replaced all those years ago, the Model O.

The Model L, as well as the Model O, are the largest in the range of Steinway Grand Pianos sized to suit the space requirements of a private residence. Because the Steinway L produces the beautiful tone, volume, touch and control of a concert grand, they are also excellent pianos for use in performance venues.

The Model L was pretty much a New York specialty and was not manufactured at the Hamburg Steinway factory. However, in 1984 and later in 1985, rims, soundboards and plates were shipped to the Hamburg factory from New York where they were utilized to make Model L Grand Pianos. This very limited New York/Hamburg run was specially made for the European institutional market. The Model L measures 5’10½” in length – a beauty of synergy between size and space. This makes it the fifth largest of the seven basic Steinway grand piano sizes. Dubbed a ‘baby grand’ and later the more prestigious-sounding name of ‘living room grand’ these pianos are a favorite of many accomplished pianists. The Model L features a rich, full tone and an action that is responsive and nuanced.

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