Book Bingo 2021

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Looking for more ways to make the most of your Summer Reading? The Library has put together a Homegrown Stories edition of its Book Bingo activity! Explore a variety of lists in our catalog that highlight books and stories featuring local, regional, and statewide voices as part of Missouri’s Bicentennial.

Haven’t registered for Summer Reading yet? Read any five books between June 1 – August 15, 2021, log them online, and earn a prize! Details at


Book Bingo is a collection of reading prompts, lists, and ideas to help you read MOre during Summer Reading. This self-guided game includes suggested activities and titles lovingly gathered by our librarians as a way to seed some starter inspiration:

  • Explore different genres
  • Discover a new author’s work
  • Try a new reading format (Audiobooks! Digital comics!)
  • Read stories featuring voices and perspectives outside your usual picks
  • Find titles the entire family can enjoy together

Just click on any of the category tiles on the bingo card to explore these lists. Or check out additional reading resources at the bottom of the page!

You can download a Book Bingo sheet and print it out for your use. We also have a blank Build Your Own Book Bingo sheet for you to create your own reading challenges!



  • Get some Shelf Help and tell us about your reading like/dislikes. Our experts will make a personalized book list built just for you and send it your way.
  • Dive in to the Library's catalog to see the latest arrivals, reviews from other readers, and lists from the Library.
  • Follow Library staff in the catalog for their lists and picks (we have “_KCMO” in our usernames). Tag along with ReadersServices_KCMO as a start!
  • Try NoveList and check out hundreds of book lists and recommendations from librarians, publishers, and booksellers. This service has a nifty Appeal Mixer to choose specific terms for your book recommendation. Gritty and Fast-Paced? Sassy and Lyrical? It's all there.
  • Sign up for Summer Reading at