Building a Community of Readers

The Building a Community of Readers initiative strives to heighten appreciation for the value of reading, cultivate a community-wide love of reading, and accordingly position Kansas City to reap the social and economic benefits of being one of the most literate cities in America.

A City that Reads is a City that Leads!

Social, community, and economic developments are just a few of the things that improve when a city becomes more literate. That’s our goal here. We are an initiative driven by our passion for reading and all of the innovative programs and resources that our Library has to offer. The Library is for everyone. We want to make non-patrons users of the Library, patrons more engaged users of the Library, and better connect with our partners.

Kansas City is America’s 13th most literate city, according to research by Central Connecticut State University ( Building a Community of Readers seeks to position us higher on the list, but we can’t do it without your help!

How can you Build a Community of Readers:

Building a Community of Readers

The evidence is overwhelming. Introducing a child to reading gives them one of the most important personal habits they’ll need to have a successful career and a happy, productive life.

HarperCollins Childrens produced a powerful graphic to illustrate the benefits of early literacy.
Why Reading at a Young Age Matters (PDF)

What Does the Library Mean to Local Students?

4th grade Enrichment Students at Crossroads Academy Kansas City researched, wrote, directed and produced the story of the Kansas City Public Library:

6th grade students at Gladstone Elementary in Kansas City selected Crosby Kemper III for their annual Hero Project and praise the Kansas City Public Library:

The Library offers programs throughout the year designed to celebrate Kansas City as a community of readers.

To donate your financial support to Building a Community of Readers, go to our donation page.