Services for Educators: Special Service Options

Educator Library Cards

These cards are just for use with materials for the class or homeschool setting. Teachers and homeschool parents or guardians can get this special type of card in addition to your personal cards.

The checkout period on these cards is six weeks instead of the usual three weeks. If no one else has a request on a particular item, educators can renew anything on your cards for an additional six weeks of checkout time.

These cards do not gather late fees! (You can still be charged for lost or damaged items).

Educator cards expire every year on October 1st.

Educator cards allow you to check out any type of Library item except for feature films, and place holds on items owned by KCPL libraries (except items owned by other consortium libraries).

Teacher Assist

Specify the subject for which you need materials, the interest
and ability levels of your students, and the format you prefer so that we can request the most relevant materials for your needs.

We can place holds on books, CDs, and DVDs (with the exception of feature films).

Pick up items you request from the holds shelf of the Library branch that you designate, and check out items using your Educator Library card.