Give us a Gig: Google Fiber Town Hall Meeting

The Social Media Club of Kansas City invites KCMO and KCK residents interested in the potential community-building benefits of Google Fiber to hear about a campaign to bring gigabit awareness to the metro area.
Tuesday, December 13, 2011
5:30 pm
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Google is making its ultra-high-speed fiber optic network available to Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas, residents in 2012. The Social Media Club of Kansas City invites people from both sides of the state line to come hear about a public-outreach campaign to spread awareness of Google Fiber and discuss ways of using the 1-gigabit Internet connection to enhance the quality of life for all citizens.

With speeds 100 times faster than regular broadband, Google Fiber could transform Kansas City into a technology hub while decreasing the digital divide. The Social Media Club of KC will present ways for neighborhood leaders to rally their communities to prepare for the arrival of Fiber. They will discuss ideas for how to use the new technology to improve local schools, hospitals, urban and suburban areas, household efficiency, public safety, and more.

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