Paul Benson - City of Fountains: Underneath the Water and Sculpture

Nelson-Atkins conservator Paul Benson delves into the story behind some of Kansas City’s most popular fountains.
Thursday, March 29, 2012
6:30 pm
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Fountains delight our eyes and our ears with their beauty and calming effect. And in all the world, only Rome has more public fountains than Kansas City. Nelson-Atkins conservator Paul Benson – who has often worked as a consultant in preserving and maintaining these watery jewels – delves into the stories behind some of our town’s most popular fountains.

The event is part of the Kansas City Symphony’s City of Fountains Celebration, which has commissioned several new works inspired by the city’s fountains. During the program an ensemble of Symphony musicians will perform part of Daniel Kellogg’s Water Music, which premieres on March 30-April 1.