Pictures of Resistance

Saturday, September 4, 2021 to Sunday, October 31, 2021
Guldner Gallery
Faye Schulman wanted the world to know: Jews did not go like sheep to the slaughter during World War II. They mounted resistance against their Nazi oppressors. “I was a photographer,” Schulman said. “I have pictures. I have proof.”  

Her rare images, collected during her nearly two years in the forests along the Russian-Polish border with the Molotava Brigade partisan group, are spotlighted in the traveling exhibit Pictures of Resistance: The Wartime Photography of Jewish Partisan Faye Schulman. They capture the camaraderie, the horror and loss, and the bravery and triumph of the ragtag but resolute partisans – some Jewish, some not – who fought the Germans and their collaborators.  

The exhibit, produced by the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation and co-presented by the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education, also features a videotaped interview with Schulman. 


Women of the Jewish Resistance
Thursday, October 7, 2021  |  6:30 p.m.
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