7 Wonders

Game Talk: 

As a leader of an ancient city, you will use various strategies to collect necessary resources, amass the largest army to defeat your neighbors, and eventually build the most prosperous city with architectural wonder. All the while attempting to score the highest amount of points. This easy-to-learn game moves quickly and offers various strategy options, and appeals to different types of gamers—especially competitive aggressors who prefer to build up their army or peaceful scientists investing in research.

Additional Info: 
  • There are several expansions that offer an additional variety of choices and possibilities.
  • We found that the playing time usually extends to 45 min. or longer depending on the player's prior knowledge of the game.
Play Alikes: 
  • Splendor – utilizes a similar mechanism of building a unique hand (tableau) through drafting cards from a limited set of cards
  • Dominion – similar in building a unique hand of cards
  • Sushi Go! – similar mechanic of all players secretly selecting a card and revealing their choices simultaneously