Game Talk: 

You are neighboring monarchs competing against each other to grow your kingdom and its resources. Purchase resource cards to build a deck full of abilities that trigger domino effect actions in order to gain enough wealth to buy the most territories.

Additional Info: 
  • Depending on how familiar players are and what card assortment you’re using, this game takes closer to 45 minutes to an hour to play.
  • Because the main set comes with an assortment of resource cards, there are multiple combinations to use. This makes for great replayability and different paths toward winning.
  • There is a free app that will automatically generate a resource pool based on what expansions you’re using.
Play Alikes: 
  • Harry Potter: Battle for Hogwarts – Another engaging deck building game, but cooperative instead of competitive
  • Splendor – Also a game of resource purchasing where you may have to adapt your strategy based on your opponents’ tactics
  • 7 Wonders - Players also collect cards and build a deck (tableau) to achieve the highest score