When I Dream

Game Talk: 

Prepare to be masked and use your bluff-busting skills! In this delightfully illustrated game, each player takes a turn dreaming (wearing the mask). Other players give you one-word clues in turn to describe the played card. You decide the correct word. But beware! You don’t know which clues are legit and which are bluffs!

Additional Info: 
  • The Sandman role is the most difficult to understand, especially for younger players, and usually requires a detailed explanation and examples.
  • The Dreamer must describe all of their guesses at the end, creating a storytelling dream. This can be tied into memory practices and how memory palaces work.
Play Alikes: 
  • Dixit – match images to verbal clues given by your opponents
  • Mysterium – decipher clues associated with a visual card