Mommy, Please Don't Go to Work!

Rhiannon Ally, Mike Marusarz
Rhiannon Ally, the Emmy-winning evening news anchor for Kansas City’s NBC affiliate, 41 Action News, discusses her newly released children’s book, inspired by her own juggling of family and career.
Wednesday, August 29, 2018
6:30 pm
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Popular Kansas City TV news anchor Rhiannon Ally has authored a new children’s book about a decidedly grown-up dilemma.

Mommy, Please Don't Go to Work! gently explores the struggle by working moms to balance family and their jobs. Seven in 10 mothers in America today – married and single, their children ranging from infants to teens – are employed outside the home, and Ally is among them. The Emmy-winning evening news anchor for NBC affiliate 41 Action News has two young children with husband Mike Marusarz, her on-air co-anchor. They’re expecting a third in October.

Launching the book, illustrated by Wendy Leach, Ally discusses her life, her career, and the challenges facing both mothers in the workforce and their kids. Marusarz shifts from his roles as spouse and co-anchor, joining as her interviewer.

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