This Is Why We Quilt: Stitching Along the Rivers West

Barbara Brackman
blue and quilted background with text This is Why We Quilt Stitching Along the Rivers West
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
6:00 pm
Truman Forum Auditorium
In Person Event
Event Audio

Barbara Brackman is not only a quilter but also a quilting historian and author. A member of the Quilting Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana, she has written numerous books about the craft. 

Brackman examines quilt making in Missouri with a Kentucky connection and 19th-century African American quilts stitched in Kentucky and Tennessee and talks about how time and region were more important to quilt design than race or whether someone was free or enslaved. She then joins the Library’s Anne Kniggendorf in a conversation about the historic and modern significance of quilting. 

Her presentation comes on the heels of the Library exhibition This Is Who We Are, which featured narrative quilts created by textile artist NedRa Bonds and her granddaughter, Ashlynn Bonds.