Read This When I’m Dead - Annie Presley

Fundraising and political consultant Annie Presley talks with UMKC’s Allan Katz, a former U.S. ambassador to Portugal, about her eventful life and new book – a guide to organizing important information and wishes before you die. Co-author Christy Howard joins them.
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
6:30 pm
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Having spent a quarter-century in the political arena, Annie Presley has had a full life: enduring a near-plane crash with Missouri Gov. John Ashcroft and Sen. Christopher Bond and sitting tight for an hour with Margaret Thatcher while a couple of armed protesters were hauled to jail, among other memorable episodes.

Part of living, too, is preparing for death. And Presley and co-author Christy Howard have written Read This ... When I'm Dead: A Guide to Getting Your Stuff Together for Your Loved Ones, a fill-in-the-blank guide to organizing your key information, thoughts, and wishes for your heirs.

Presley, a native Missourian and accomplished fundraising and political consultant, discusses both her eventful career and her new book on planning for the end in a public conversation with University of Missouri-Kansas City professor and former U.S. ambassador to Portugal Allan Katz.

Co-presented by the Truman Library Institute.