Kansas City Convention Hall

Kansas City Convention Hall
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Missouri Valley Room
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1869 –1940
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Reproduction print of the Kansas City Convention Hall.
 - Glass
33 1/2 inches
1 /14 inches
48 inches

The Convention Hall was a convention center located in Kansas City, Missouri. The original Convention Hall was designed by Frederick E. Hill, and opened on February 22, 1899. This center was destroyed by a fire on April 4th, 1900. The center was redesigned by Hill, and re-opened within a 90 days after construction began. This concentrated effort was labeled the "Kansas City Spirit". The Hall hosted the 1900 Democratic National Convention and the 1928 Republican National Convention. The center lasted eight additional years after the Republican National Convention and was torn down to make way for parking lot of the new Municipal Auditorium. This oversize print, of an excerpt from the HARPER'S WEEKLY, illustrates the exterior and interior views of the Kansas City Convention Center. The main exterior view is located at the top, capturing the view from the front and left angle of the building. The building depicted reflects the Beaux-Arts Style design that were favored during that period. Attributes that accentuate that classical style were the lower level which had multiple arch entries, the second level contained a multitude of Corinthian columns and the third level which windowed pediment. The second illustration, located in the center, is the interior view of the auditorium, depicting a multitude of seated individuals, attending a concert, prominent features are the beamed ceiling and multiple hanging American flags and bunting. The third illustration, located in the lower left, depicts the second level opened air portico and supporting Corinthian columns. The fourth illustration, depicts the front view only of the Convention Hall. Each of the color illustration are numbered 1-4.

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